1. Harvest time

The microgreens are ready for harvest after 5-10 days, but at the latest when they have trained the first real leaf couple.

2. withdrawal

Please take the bowl out of the device and have scissors and optionally a board and a box ready for storage.

3. Equipment

To harvest, take out the grid and cut off the microgreens. Once the mat is harvested, pull it off the grid and put it in the organic waste.

4. Cutting

Only harvest the amount of microgreens that you want to process fresh. The rest can continue to form valuable vital substances in the device.

5. Enjoy

Enjoy the fresh green and colorful as topping, spread, smoothie, spice and much more. So completely new stimuli are set to your enjoyment.

6. Store

If you do not consume all microgreens immediately, stay in the fridge for a short time. But it is best to enjoy them fresh!